Wilkinson Walsh Selected As Industry-Leading “Best Law Firm For Female Attorneys”

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WASHINGTON – Wilkinson Walsh + Eskovitz was named the fifth best law firm for female attorneys among all firms with 20 to 149 lawyers in Law360’s 2018 Glass Ceiling report. Though women represent just over one-third of all attorneys in private practice, Law360 recognized WW+E for its strong female leadership, including two female name partners, and for achieving gender parity among the firm’s attorneys.

“Having a diverse workforce is not just the right thing to do, but it also enhances the strength and quality of our firm, including our ability to deliver victories in the courtroom,” said WW+E Founding Partner Beth Wilkinson. “WW+E’s diversity may make our firm the exception, not the rule — but it certainly is the model of the future.”

“When we started this firm over two years ago, we agreed that diversity in all forms was an important and essential virtue of the firm,” said WW+E Founding Partner Alexandra Walsh. “One of our goals is to train and showcase the next generation of trial lawyers.  Strong female representation at all levels is essential to achieving that goal.”

According to Law360, “having a female leader sets an example for younger associates that they have a future and a path at the firm.” The data show that “the 43 firms with women in a leadership role” — including Wilkinson Walsh + Eskovitz — “averaged a better representation of female attorneys across the firm.”